Zajil Telecoms, Kuwait

New Build Colocation Data Center

The Client

Zajil is a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Service Provider in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region.

Established in the State of Kuwait since 1991, Zajil is Kuwait's first Internet Service Provider and the region's leading MPLS Service Provider.

Zajil is a major Data Centre Services player operating multiple data centres in Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and UK. Zajil also offers a broad range of Cloud& Managed Services wherein customers rely on Zajil’s expertise to manage their ICT infrastructure.

By partnering with global telecom and technology leaders, Zajil provides end-to-end Connectivity, Cloud and Managed Services.


The Brief

"In 2013 Zajil International Telecoms were designing their new colocation data centre and required a low energy cooling solution which would be able to expand alongside their growing requirements."

"They required a phased deployment of cabinets and cooling to keep their capitol costs down.

The Data Center would eventually comprise 80 racks with up to 160kW cooling capacity, with an initial 20 racks and 8 rear ColdLogik rear coolers with cooling to be added as load increased."

The Cooling Solution

We designed a ColdLogik cooling solution which was flexible and modular specific to this project requirements.

The initial solution comprised 20 USpace ColdLogik compliant cabinets and 8 x C8 ColdLogik rear coolers.

The external plant comprised 3 x chillers with a water supply temperature of 16°C. The layout was modular to suit growing installation requirements and has been expanded twice since in 18 months since the initial installation as their customer base increases.

The ColdLogik solution was chosen above a hot aisle cold aisle solution as this was too restrictive in its layout and space utilisation and was not as energy efficient and modular as the customer required.

The data center is currently running at 160kW cooling capacity with an N+1 redundancy rating.

A second data centre is planned utilising the same ColdLogik solutions. Today, Zajil operates two data centres in Kuwait, and one in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Jordan, as well as a presence in the UK. Its customers are mainly large enterprises and include Kuwait Oil Company and 'all major banks in Kuwait'.


Client Comments

"The cutting edge design of our new data centre enables us to address the multi-point connectivity needs in the global economy, where connecting geographically dispersed offices, resources and stakeholders is critical, Zajil now has the delivery capability to include international connectivity for our high-speed data customers which is able to grow with our business and has an amazingly low running cost."