Data Center Rear Rack Door Cooling

CL20 Rear of Cabinet Cooling System

ColdLogik CL20 rear rack door coolers are fitted to the back of an enclosure typically being IEC 297 3 and EIA STD 310 compliant.

The coolers have been designed to remove heat generated by the active equipment directly at source thus preventing hot exhaust air entering into the room, ensuring optimum thermal and energy performance.

To ensure the efficiency of the Data Center rear rack door cooling system, ambient air is pulled into the cabinet via the active equipment fans - The hot exhaust air produced by the active equipment then passes over a heat exchanger matrix either by its own velocity or pulled through via EC centrifugal fans mounted within the door; heat is then transferred and rejected to coolant. The resulting chilled air then passes back into the room at the predetermined room ambient temperature.

The CL20 rear cooler is available in both passive and active models, with the passive version relying solely upon the active equipment fans producing enough air volume to, in effect 'self-cool'.

The CL20 rear door cooler has a number of applications and fit out scenarios such as being sited within an existing Data Center, working in harmony with the incumbent computer room air-conditioning, providing high density cooling, a reduction in energy consumption and the removal of hot spot problems.

To achieve this the coolers can either be retrofitted to existing 'OEM' cabinets using an interface frame or fitted directly to a ColdLogik compliant USpace 4210 or 6210 cabinet.

However to gain the optimum energy performance from a ColdLogik solution the CL20 rear door cooler should be deployed as a single source solution, i.e. the coolers should be used to control the entire computer room/Data Center without the need of any additional air-conditioning products, including retrofit scenarios.

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CL20 Rear of Cabinet Cooler Range

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Product Definitions: CL20 C4 Rear Cooler

Available in three variants; each of the C4's are capable of 25kW maximum 'sensible cooling'. The performance of any coil relies upon airflow passing over the coil matrix, but in the case of the C4 variants, which are supplied passive (i.e. no active fans fitted as standard) they are however preconfigured to allow for fans to be retrofitted. For the optimum performance an airflow of 3100m3/h evenly spread over the coil is required. Most equipment manufactures are beginning to produce increasingly energy efficient product, one area in particular is the type of fans being used. An example of this is the new highly energy efficient Dell 1U servers, which produce a negligible volume of air. To overcome this problem the CL20 C4 range is equipped to allow fans to be retrofitted post installation.

CL20 C4nc

The C4nc is the basic version of the CL20 rear cooler with no fan management system, no communication protocol and no coolant control, however the retrofitting of thermostatically controlled fans does offer some degree of room ambient air control; Fixed speed fans are also available.

CL20 C4cc

The C4cc has the additional ability to control the flow rate of coolant around the coil, when combined with optional thermostatically controlled fans the C4cc can be programmed to control the 'air off' temperature; this in turn can help to control the overall room ambient temperature. Additionally the C4cc can be set up to switch the chiller supply water temperature to provide an even greater amount of heat adjustment. As with the C4nc version there is no option for remote communication although local monitoring is possible.

CL20 C4sc

The C4sc version comes with the full ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' control. Please see below for full explanation.

NB: One or more fans can be factory fitted to each of the above rear coolers at point of order.

CL20 C8sc Cooler

The CL20 C8sc is capable of a maximum 35kW of 'sensible cooling' and comes complete with the ColdLogik Management System 'CMS'.

The C8sc is designed to run at the optimum performance at all times, ensuring maximum energy savings. The CMS tracks the air off and water temperatures, by doing so it is able make minor adjustments thereby ensuring the room ambient temperature is maintained at all times.

CL20 C12sc Cooler

The CL20 C12sc is capable of a maximum 45kW of 'sensible cooling' and comes complete with the ColdLogik Management System 'CMS'.

As with the C8sc the C12sc is designed to run at the optimum performance; even when not requiring a high density cooling this CL20 cooler is the most energy efficient.

Can Be Retrofitted Onto An Existing Cabinet!

Product Definitions: CL20 Interface Frame

One of the biggest advantages of the CL20 rear door cooling is the ability to be retrofitted onto an existing cabinet. The interface frame has been designed to be a universal product, so all standard and some non-standard enclosures can be accommodated. It should be noted that the interface frame allows a secure fixing of the rear cooler without transferring any additional weight to the existing cabinet.

The interface frame brings many of the benefits of the CL20 rear cooler family but without the need to decommission old cabinets or even entire Data Centers. By working in harmony with the incumbent air conditioning system many of the benefits of the ColdLogik system can be realized, e.g. removal of Data Center hot spot problems, if there is a need to increase the cabinet kW density, if the need is to reduce carbon footprint, save HVAC energy and transfer the energy to housing more active equipment or simply to save money.

Zero Aisle Cooler

The CL20 zero aisle cooler provides an alternative method to fitting a CL20 rear cooler onto the USpace 4210 or 6210 cabinet or retrofitting to OEM cabinets. Safety, convenience and space saving are the key elements of this unique patent applied for design. Unlike a hinged door which typically takes up 600mm to 800mm of aisle space the zero aisle cooler which moves from front to rear on overhead runners and floor based wheels takes up no more than its original footprint. When fully retracted the distance between the back of the cabinet and the rear of the cooler is an impressive 900mm of clear ance, allowing for near unrestricted access and working space. One other impressive feature with this system is the ability for the runners to mount to the ceiling without fixing on top of the cabinet.

ColdLogik Management System 'CMS'



The ColdLogik Management System 'CMS' lies at the heart of the ColdLogik solution. The Data Center room ambient temperature is controlled locally by the 'CMS' - it achieves this by automatically adjusting the fan speed, water flow rate, and where necessary, alters the output water temperature from the chiller, resulting in a consistent delivery of cooled air into the Data Center, with no operator intervention. The whole process can also be overseen and controlled at individual cabinet level, room level and remotely via any of the industry standard communication protocols, allowing remote administration. The 'CMS' is 2U high and can be fitted either rack mounted or on top of the cabinet. 'CMS' ensures that all variants of the ColdLogik system operate on a 'sensible cooling' principle, that is to say 'water above dew point', ensuring that the system remains a condensate free operation.

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