Data Center On-Chip Cooling

What Is On-Chip Cooling?

Increasing processing power has also increased the amount of energy required for high-end processing.

Processors – both CPUs and GPUs – then generate heat which needs to be dissipated to optimize performance, and to prevent damage to delicate circuitry.

On-Chip Cooling provides directed cooling direct to integrated chips inside servers and other infrastructure hardware.

A heat sink attached to each chip acts as a heat exchanger, which is then provided with additional cooling to regulate temperature.

As chip technology has developed, air cooling is no longer sufficient.

In the modern Data Center, the density of server units means that a more effective cooling method is needed.

As a result, On-Chip Cooling systems are increasingly reliant on Leak-Free systems that use water, or other coolants as part of a sealed circuit.

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Where Is On-Chip Cooling Used?

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On-Chip Cooling is present in virtually every computer system on the planet - even consumer PCs have some form of air-powered on chip cooling system for their PSUs. In enterprise class Data Centers, On-Chip Cooling systems are much more sophisticated.

The high density placement of hundreds or thousands of server units in an enterprise-class Data Center calls for a more advanced cooling solution. Organizations are now adopting multi-node cooling solutions that circulate water or other coolant liquids between units, direct to the processing unit. As coolant is pumped through the circulatory system, it passes into a heat exchanger usually mounted in a Cooling distribution unit (CDU) where the heat is transferred to an external cooling system.

QCooling's CDU with Leak Prevention System (LPS) adds another level of security to that so that in the event of a failure air is taken into the system and no leak occurs but the system continues to run unaffected.

This approach allows for greater management of cooling systems and provides granular insight into the operating environment so that problems can be identified and rectified before damage is caused to mission-critical systems.

Reduce On-Chip Temperatures - Energy Efficient - Lower Operating Costs

Why Choose On-Chip Cooling?

Processors operate most effectively at lower temperatures, so the choice to deploy on chip cooling has two distinct benefits. First, drawing temperature away from chips, you can help to boost performance. Second, on chip cooling is more effective than any other technique (apart from immersion cooling ) for keeping processors within acceptable operating temperatures, protecting against damage.

The effectiveness of On-Chip Cooling system accentuated by Leak-Free protection to prevent liquids coming into contact with delicate electronic components. QCooling's multi-award system is just perfect for just this task! – the QCooling Data Center Cooling System is extremely effective at reducing On-Chip temperatures, and energy efficient to help keep operating costs low.

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