Super Computing Debut Success

When it comes to high performance products for computing, networking and storage, annual events don't come much bigger than Super Computing. QCooling made its debut at this prestigious expo and conference in Salt Lake City and we were bowled over by the interest we received in our Data Center Cooling solutions.

We were exhibiting with our partners Nautilus Data Technologies, on cooling their next-generation Data Centers. The Nautilus concept sees our patented LPS Leak Prevention technology and Rear Door coolers fitted on a waterborne floating Data Center. The data storage barge model pioneers new standards in energy efficiency, and QCooling is proud to be playing a part in this exciting new project.


At SC16 we showcased the versatility of our award-winning British technology and we’re now busy following up those leads and introducing more potential clients to ultra efficient data cooling with a leak-free guarantee.

Our patented Leak Prevention System (LPS) is central to providing a product that is the world’s highest liquid cooling rack-based solution. By using the basic scientific premise that water under negative pressure cannot escape through a hole or breach in a pipe, hose, or joint, we can guarantee our systems are 100 per cent leak-free. This makes them ideal for both new builds and retrofits, as well as hot spot removal. Our systems can be tailored to fit any rack, and completely bespoke versions are available.

The QCooling cooling system is also environmentally friendly and uses natural resources such as river, sea and bore-hole water. This feature was particularly attractive to Nautilus, whose “Eli M” Data Center is under construction in California, a major drought area. Our system recycles river water by passing it through a heat exchanger to cool the Data Center equipment and then returns 100 per cent pure water to the source.

We hope to bring this game-changing solution to many more US corporations in 2017.