Rear Door & CDU With LPS Meet Title 24 Criteria

QCooling are pleased to announce that our Data Center Rear Door and CDU with LPS (patented) technology is now independently certified (PAE consulting engineers) that it meets with all California Energy Code - Title 24 energy efficiency criteria.

The California Energy Code (Title 24 of the CA Code of Regulations, Part 6) contains set critera for the way Data Centers are cooled.

These criteria include Economization, Reheat Prohibited, Humidification, Fan Efficiency, Fan Control and Air Containment rules that Data Center cooling companies must adhere to in order to pass all Title 24 critera.

More information about Title 24 can be found on the Data Center Journal website - Article by Ty Colwell.

title 24

(*image courtesy of Data Center Journal and Ken Lund under a Creative Commons license)

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