Power And Cooling Trends In Data Centers

Current Practice For Data Center Cooling

Cooling, HVAC and UPS accounts for more than half of the energy consumption in Data Centers. Therefore it is critical to make sure that the UPS and Data Center Cooling systems are highly energy efficient as possible.

Many Data Centers use the following methods for Data Center Cooling:

Use of “Hot Aisle/Cold Aisle Layout” and “Containment/Enclosures”

  • With hot/cold aisle arrangements, containment systems can reduce energy expense by 5% to 10%
  • Containment can reduce fan energy by 20% to 25% and deliver 20% energy savings from the chiller

Variable Speed Fan Drives

  • A 20% reduction in fan speed yields electrical savings of roughly 45%

Properly Deployed Airflow Management Devices

  • Optimised use of diffusers, blanking panels, structured cabling systems, Floor grommets, vented tiles and Eliminating sub–floor obstructions
  • Adding a single 12" blanking panel to the middle of a server rack can yield 1% to 2% energy savings

rear doors

Advanced Forms Of Cooling

With the ever-growing demands for faster processing power and the rapid increase in rack densities, more advanced forms of cooling must be deployed to increase efficiency, reliability, save energy and reduce costs these can be achieved by air cooling if the facilities have the capabilities of transferring the large amount of air needed and the external space and weight loading to take the large evaporative air cooling equipment.

Together with this is the massive amount of water required to cool the air by evaporative and the space to store 48hrs worth of maximum summer time requirement. In some parts of the world the external air temperatures and humidity in summer also discount this solution. The only feasible solution is water cooling, immersed servers are one way to solve this issue but this dictates what type of server you have in the future and limits your choice. Rear Door and on-chip cooling can be integrated together with little and no fuss and give you the client the choice moving forwards.

Ambient Cooling Using Outside Air

  • Outside air evaporative cooling
  • Removing cooling towers and centralized chillers from the design
  • Allowing external air to be used at minimum power cost

Liquid-based Cooling

  • Rear-door water coolers
  • Fully immersed IT modules that use a dielectric liquid to remove heat effectively

Adiabatic Cooling

  • Evaporating liquid cools its surroundings

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