QCooling become main partner for HPC colocation site in New York

We are very pleased and honored that QCooling was chosen to be the main partner for this HPC colocation site in New York. It was truly a joint effort and collaboration between the owners and QCooling's design, technical and sales staff.

By using our ColdLogik™ rear coolers we were able to design a future-proof data center, offering a solution that is 96% more energy efficient than traditional cooling and providing 800% more cooling per rack. All while freeing up 80% more real estate space for future growth.

"The features and benefits of the ColdLogik™ rear cooler are unlike others in the marketplace. stated Paul Surdykowski, Director of North America for QCooling.

Because our ColdLogik™ rear coolers manage and monitor the rack and room temperatures, they will have many rows of low density cabinets. We will attach one ColdLogik™ rear cooler for every three racks, cooling the entire row, enabling a better ROI for the owner.

In dealing with the high-performance computing racks themselves, we are able to cool up to 106 KW per rack - all while using warmer water, reducing capital spend for the outside plant and saving money on their overall energy consumption."