Nautilus Data Technologies, San Francisco, California, USA

Water-borne Data Centers

The Client

Nautilus Data Technologies are a revolutionary global Data Center technology company based close to Silicon Valley in the US. As pioneers in the next generation of data center facilities, Nautilus designed a water-borne Data Center solution. The concept involved pioneering high tech barges, destined to be moored on the USA’s West Coast and around the world.

nautilus data center

The Brief

"Nautilus needed an innovative and customised cooling process – with a desire to achieve the highest density Data Center solution on the market but at the same time setting new standards of efficiency for the industry."

"In California in particular, the climate is characterized by long periods of drought, so environmentally sensitive solutions are key."

"Technical challenges were presented by the barge environment – for example space and weight restrictions."

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The Cooling Solution

The data center cooling was innovatively designed to use an abundantly available, free of charge and completely renewable natural resource – the river/sea water surrounding the barge itself.

The specially-engineered system works by recycling river/sea water to give a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution. It simply passes the water through a heat exchanger to cool the data center equipment and then returns 100% of the pure water back to the original source.

There is zero mechanical cooling involved – no chillers, refrigeration or large air handling equipment. The cooling system is simply governed by a set of uniquely designed water pumps.

The system had to be designed as section able so that it could be manoeuvred onto the barge before final placement. In addition, careful thought was given to the source materials used to ensure that there was no risk of the brackish nature of the natural water resource eroding the equipment.

Water cooled rear doors are used the cool the on board server cabinets – representing the largest deployment of rear door technology in the world.

Integral to the design is QCooling’s unique Leak Prevention System (LPS) which gives peace of mind of guaranteed continuous, 100% leak free, operation.



Award-Winning Design

The chiller less data centre cooling system design is truly innovative, using a natural, renewable source in a very unique way. The patented LPS system won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2015 from the UK.

Client Comments

"Nautilus Data Technologies is pioneering the next generation of Data Center facilities, and we needed an equally innovative cooling company to help us succeed, QCooling is that innovative company."

"We look forward to collaborating with their specialists on our customized cooling process to achieve the highest density solution on the market – setting new standards of efficiency for the global Data Center industry.”

Arnold Magcale, Co-founder and CEO of Nautilus Data Technologies.