Leak Prevention System (LPS)

Our innovative, patented (patent number - US 8,582,295 B2), Leak Prevention System (LPS) was awarded a UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2015.

How Does It Work?

QCooling’s Leak Prevention System (LPS) enables the Data Center to use water cooled cooling products, whether rear doors, in-rows or CRACs, with guaranteed leak-free operation.

QCooling can integrate the Leak Prevention System with your existing equipment or we can supply a complete, bespoke design cooling system.

The LPS allows the chilled water pipework within the Data Center to work in a totally secure way.

If a hole or breach appears in the pipe work or flexible hoses, air is drawn into the system rather than water spraying out.


Continuous, Leak-Free, Data Center Operation

This is achieved by placing the whole chilled water system within the white space under negative pressure. In the unlikely event of a coupling becoming loose, or a hole being punctured into a pipe, air would be pulled into the gap/hole, thereby preventing water from escaping. The air that is drawn into the circuit is taken back to the LPS, where it is vented out of the system and prevented from continuing back around the loop. This allows cooling to be maintained without disruption.

In-line sensors are able to detect air within the system and in turn provide a warning, alerting the user to any issue. Critically, the cooling system will continue to work with no notable effect to its cooling capabilities, ensuring continuous Data Center operation.

It's Not Leak Detection – It's Leak Prevention!

In the past, if you were looking to use water cooling products within an IT critical environment, you’d be limited to just a leak detection product. Essentially, by the time these systems signalled an alert, water would have already have leaked from pipework or other equipment into the Data Center arena.

With the highly sensitive nature of critical Data Center hardware, the cost of room infrastructure and subsequent impacts on revenue and investment, leak detection just isn't an option - Our award winning LPS gives you total leak prevention – Guaranteed!.

Eliminates The Need For Duplicate Set-Ups


Saving On Real Estate And Investment Costs

Equally, historic leak detection systems have proved expensive and not entirely fool proof. Leak detection tape based products need regular routine maintenance to ensure their effectiveness.

In addition, Data Centers have often had the expense and investment of installing two identical systems at 100% capacity – just so that they could be switched to maintain system integrity should a leak occur.

The LPS from QCooling totally eradicates any need for duplicate system set-up.

Modular, Scalable Design

The Leak Prevention System (LPS) can be retrofitted to an existing circuit and is modular and scalable in design, to suit any size or density of Data Center. So as your Data Center grows, so can your cooling system. Easily upscaled with little cost and zero interruption to the existing Data Center’s operation.

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