Data Center Modular Caging Systems

Complete physical server security for your Data Center

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Modular Caging System

The ultimate in physical security, the QCooling Modular Caging System allows you to create secure, partitioned zones inside your data center. Exceptionally strong, easy to install and completely customizable to your server room, the caging system makes it simple to protect your server racks from unauthorized access and tampering.

Typically deployed in data centers and server rooms, the modular caging system can be used in any setting where physical security is required:

  • Document archives
  • Pharmaceuticals and medicines
  • Confidential data stores
  • Mission critical utilities

The caging system is built from punched steel panels and framework to ensure maximum security without impeding airflow in the data center. Each panel is fabricated from 1.5mm steel, with the option of increasing to 3mm thickness for additional protection.

The QCooling caging system is particularly easy to install – framework and panels can be assembled within hours by a team of two. The modular structure also makes it simple to change the cage set-up as requirements change.

As a fully modular system, there are several additional options available:

  • Sliding or hinged doors in a range of sizes (between 900mm and 2400mm), fitted with key or electromagnetic locks
  • A choice of lattice designs to increase airflow through the security panels
  • A steel roof
  • Adjustable frame allows for installation in raised floor environments
  • Additional bar or panel barriers for under floor or in-ceiling installation
  • Full or part enclosure according to your data center layout
  • 29 polyester powder coating options in a range of colors
  • Frames can be fabricated for any height between 2.4m and 8m
  • Corporate branding on panels and doors
  • Design and installation by experienced engineers if preferred

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