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The 4210 Floor Standing Cabinet

Smart design and state of the art manufacturing are the hallmark of the QCooling 4210 range of floor standing server cabinets. Engineered according to the 19” rackmount convention, each unit can be adapted to a range of applications and deployment scenarios.

Combining style and practicality, each 4210 server cabinet comes with swing handles and lift-off hinges. There are a range of door options to suit the specific needs of your data center environment:

  • AirTech Curve vented steel, offering 86% airflow for maximum cooling
  • AirTech steel, providing 80% airflow
  • AirTech wardrobe doors, offering 76% airflow for deployment in narrow aisles
  • Solid steel
  • Glass

And as you would expect from an enterprise-grade Telecom cabinet, each door can be fitted with security locks. Additional security options include:

  • Key override combination locks
  • QCooling UTelligent audit trail support
  • One, two and three-point locking options for maximum security

Cabinet airflow is further enhanced through the use of optional vented side panels for bayed cabinets (solid steel panels are available if preferred). Fan trays can also be fitted in the roof of the cabinet without losing valuable rack space. And the optional 4210 brush or foam sealing kit prevents hot air recycling to the front of the cabinet.

QCooling 4210 Floor Standing server cabinet tech specs and options:

  • 5 heights, 2 widths and 4 depths means there is a 4210 cabinet for every deployment scenario
  • Three load bearing options - 650kg, 1200kg and 1550kg – for heavyweight equipment
  • Multiple door options create airflow of between 80% and 86% for superior server cooling
  • Multi-depth mounting for use in TelCom and server deployments
  • Multi cable access at top and bottom according to your data center design
  • Quick release cladding and lockable side panels balance security with ease-of-access
  • Fully compliant with ColdLogik, DAX, UTelligent and CAP from QCooling
  • Fully compatible with hardware from major server brands including HP, IBM, Dell and Cisco

Aesthetically pleasing, the 4210 range has been engineered for heavyweight enterprise applications. The modular design, and range of capacities make this server cabinet an incredibly versatile racking option for your data center.

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