Colocation Server Cabinets

Cost-effective Data Center Co-Location cabinets for optimum floor space use.

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The 4210 Co-Location Series

The 4210 Co-Location series of server cabinets from QCooling has been designed to help service providers maximize the value of their limited data center capacity.

A single 4210 Co-Location server cabinet can be used by multiple stakeholders to mount their equipment – perfect for deployments that do not require a dedicated rack.

This approach allows co-location data center operators to maximize their revenue potential from each footprint. At the same time, service users can reduce their co-location hosting costs by renting only the space required to hold their equipment.

Each compartment within a 4210 Co-Location server cabinet is completely segregated, protected by a combination key override locking door. In this way access is restricted to authorized individuals.

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AirTech Doors

Airflow between compartments is aided by fully-vented AirTech doors. Further cooling is provided by (optional) independently controlled fans that can be fitted in the roof of the cabinet, or the doors themselves.

QCooling 4210 Co-Location server rack tech specs and options:

  • 42U (600mm x 1000mm) and 48U (600mm x 1200mm) height options according to your racking preferences
  • Two and four compartment versions depending on your customers’ racking needs

Both cabinet sizes are capable of bearing internal loads of up to 1200kg. The 4210 Co-Location server rack also shares a range of accessories with its floor standing counterpart.

The 4210 Co-Location server rack is the perfect choice for maximizing data center capacity for multiple clients in a co-location environment. And enhanced security and cooling provisions protects their hardware assets from tampering, theft or damage.

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