In-Row Cooling

Data Center In-Row Cooling Solutions

QCooling's Data Center In-Row coolers are a high performance solution where contained isle or open infrastructure solutions are required with cooling duties between 10-75kW with 57F chilled water temperature.

Using the latest EC fan technology (electrically commutated) together with our advanced air-flow through the IT server cabinets ensure even air flow distribution from top to bottom of your cabinets. All the fans are hot swappable and can be accessed from the front of the unit for ease of maintenance.

The cabinets can be used with or without raised floor, can be used as a scalable solution and can be used for retrofit to existing facilities for Data Center Hot Spot removal.

Our Data Center In-Row cooling solutions are also fully LPS (leak prevention compliant) and therefore can be used with guaranteed leak-free operation and with our advanced knowledge in sensible only cooling systems can be used in a condensate-free operational mode.

The range also comes with a full offering of optional extras with dual-power automated switch over, N+1 configuration of fans, Leak detection (if LPS is not used), air filtration.

Some of the highlights of QCooling's In-Rows are as follows:

  • Rated at 55 KW or 70 KW
  • High supply Water Temperatures of 57F
  • EC fans fitted as standard and are Hot Swappable with built-in redundancy
  • The units have in-built electronic controls with advanced programming to give variable room and chilled water set point control
  • The only product on the market that has the Award-Winning Leak Prevention System (LPS), leak-free operation is guaranteed

data center in-rows

QCooling has the highest In-Row Cooling solutions, with the smallest footprint, all while using the highest supply of water temperatures within the Data Center market!

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