External Cooling Solutions

A QCooling system uses the very latest, market leading technology and is incredibly versatile – ensuring you get the very best solution for your specific needs and requirements. External cooling options include chillers, free cooling, cooling towers and natural resources such as borehole, river and sea water.

“Chiller-less” Data Centers

A number of our data center installations have incorporated “chiller-less” cooling systems – where there is zero mechanical cooling – giving the most energy efficient and effective solution within the market place.

For example, our design for Nautilus Data Technologies use no chillers, refrigeration or large air handling equipment. The cooling system is simply governed by a set of uniquely designed water pumps which recycle the local river/sea water – a completely free, natural and readily available resource.

The options available from QCooling enable water temperatures to reach 75.2°F, whilst keeping the white space within ASHRAE advised conditions.


Our chiller systems use the latest technology with either high efficiency scroll compressors or oil less magnetically driven centrifugal compressors, both with high EER and ESEER energy figures. Our custom built units from 10 to 2500kW can cater for any ambient from -40°F to +131°F or adverse environmental conditions. The chillers can be supplied complete as a stand-alone package with pumps and tanks or as part of a larger system.

Our award winning installation for ARM, Texas utilised chillers and free coolers as the area’s water shortage ruled out using adiabatic coolers or cooling towers. The water temperature of the chillers was raised to over 64°F whilst maintaining a room temperature of 75°F. The design consisted of 120 water cooled rear doors, within 2 pods and an N+N 1MW Leak Prevention System (LPS) to give guaranteed continuous, leak free, operation of the data center.

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CEEDA Accreditation

The ARM facility was the world’s first data center to achieve CEEDA accreditation as “Design and Build, Construct and Operate” from the very concept right through to its reality. The Texas facility was also awarded “Green Data Centre” and “Innovation in a Medium Data Center” accreditation in the Datacenter Dynamics’ Data Center Awards (North American).

Free Cooling


Due to the elevated water temperatures, our free cooling modules play a much greater role than is “normal” within competitor systems. Free cooling can be factory fitted within the chiller unit – ideal when real estate is at a premium – or as a self- contained unit to maximise efficiency gains.

All QCooling free coolers are designed to the closest ambient for the desired system water temperature, which at worse case is only 37°F. Our free coolers are fitted with inverter driven energy efficient fans to increase energy savings when ambient falls below the point of free cooling.

Retro-fit Free Cooling

We can also fit free cooling modules to an existing facility, for example if you’re changing your data centre set up from standard CRAC to a QCooling system. With the elevated water temperatures, they achieve, an optional adiabatic spray system can be added to the free cooler to act as an N+1 system for the chiller, rather than purchasing expensive standby chillers. The free coolers act as a secondary back up in the event of a failure which ensures the data center is kept below 86°F (subject to environmental conditions).

Cooling Towers

QCooling’s evaporative cooling towers, from SPX Marley, are able to get within 5.4°F of wet bulb. So, incorporating this technology within the overall design of the data center cooling system, means that cooling towers can be used as primary cooling with wet bulbs up to 68°F.

After this, the cooling towers can either revert to cooling water cooled chillers or, if air cooled chillers are being utilised, turn off completely. This is a highly efficient, cost effective cooling resource, achieving PUE figures as low as 1.045.

Natural Cooling Resources


With borehole water temperatures across Northern America generally below 75.2°F, this technology can be used throughout the year and is the greenest, most energy efficient way of cooling a data center.

"Hurricane and tornado proof data center design"

QCooling has already deployed this technology to great success. The PUE of this type of system can be as low as 1.03 and, as a geological source, the resilience of this system is unrivalled – being both hurricane and tornado proof!

Our engineers can provide full and detailed analysis of your location - from desk top survey to full test drills - to ensure that your chosen location is suitable for this system, at very reasonable costs. The test drills can then be re-used within the main system once it’s produced.

River And Sea Water

Again, the QCooling system is unrivalled in its ability to use alternative cooling resources such as river and sea water. See our Nautilus case study for further details.

Our Queen’s Award winning Leak Prevention System (LPS), and accompanying equipment, is specially designed from suitable source materials to ensure there is no risk of the brackish water eroding the equipment and/or risking the system’s integrity.

"High ROI, quick payback"

The systems that result from using these types of natural cooling have incredibly low PUE figures, an extremely high ROI and give very quick payback on investment.

For truly innovative data centre cooling, with reduced carbon footprint and reduced costs, call QCooling today on 1-866-307-7333 or email sales@qcooling.com