Directional Airflow eXhaust system (DAX)

QCooling’s DAX, or Directional Airflow Exhaust System, is an energy efficient way of removing and redistributing heat within the Data Center environment. The main function of the DAX is to enhance the cooling set up by taking heat from the rear of the IT enclosures and redistributing it.

Benefits Of A DAX System

A key benefit of the DAX technology is a substantial reduction in power consumption within the Data Center overall. The system ducts hot air away from the cabinet, into an alternative space, for example the ceiling plenum. Alternatively, the DAX will allow you to reclaim and redirect the heat to an adjacent office or warehouse space – giving you, effectively, free of charge heating!

In addition, because the hot air generated by the data comms equipment isn’t allowed to enter the room space, the power consumption of the air conditioning system is also significantly reduced.

System efficiency is enhanced even further by the use of EC fan technology within the directional airflow exhaust system. EC fans are far more efficient than DC or AC options. They’re also cleverly temperature controlled to ensure they only go at the speed needed for effective heat removal which ensures optimum performance and efficiency.

directional airflow exhaust system

Energy Efficent Heat Removal & Redistribution

The QCooling DAX system can also help you reduce your capital costs as it will protect the lifespan of your air conditioning and other active equipment. By using a DAX you’ll have a constant ambient temperature within your facility. Hardware equipment life and its performance can be dramatically reduced when it’s maintained at too high a temperature for a sustained amount of time.

Our Directional Airflow Exhaust System also comes with added peace of mind. It has built in redundancy due to having two independently operating fans which work in tandem. So, if a fan, sensor or DC supply should ever fail, the other fan will take over ensuring the integrity of your cooling system is maintained. The DAX also have a local diagnostics/environmental display which enables each unit’s current status to be easily and clearly viewed, giving assurance that the system is doing exactly what you require it to do at all times.

If you have a requirement for a directional airflow exhaust DAX system, give the QCooling sales team a call today for technical advice and help with product selection on 1-866-307-7333.