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Most Data Centers built more than a few years ago or some that are being built even today were based on very low or low density, however, does this mean your enterprise, colocation or cloud based Data Center cannot cater for higher densities? As a colocation provider does this mean you have to turn clients with higher density requirements away?

No! If you need to increase density because your business needs to or your colocation clients need to then a Retrofit Data Center Cooling chilled water or DX Rear Door system can come to your rescue!

If you currently have chilled water and spare capacity in the chiller system a simple Leak Prevention System (LPS) and Data Center Rear Door system can be placed on the return leg of one of your existing CRAC units and therefore not steal water from your other CRACS, or if you have no available chiller capacity then a chiller and free cooler can be placed remotely to operate through your LPS unit.

retrofit data center

Increase Density And Satisfy The Demands Of Your Clients!

Leak Prevention System (LPS)


The Leak Prevention System gives peace of mind that no leaks will damage or stop your Data Center and therefore reduce any risk that your business might perceive from doing so.

It can be applied to a live system with little or no impact to running operation and is completely safe - guaranteed!

This will keep your existing facility fresh extending the return on the initial investment and with such an efficient system the ROI of the upgrade could be as low as 12 months from an energy perspective.

If it simply isn’t possible to add a chiller and free cooler maybe our new DX system will help you to achieve your goal.

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