New Build Data Centers

New Build Data Center Cooling Solutions

If you are looking to build a new Data Center and want the most efficient Rear Door cooling systems in the market place! -

  • If you require the ability for high density?
  • If there isn't enough space to place an air-to-air adiabatic system?
  • If you require to build in an existing building that can't be modified to suit an air system?

Then look no further than a new build Data Center cooling Rear Door cooler and Leak Prevention System (LPS).

The system can operate within ASHRAE guidance and requires no mechanical cooling from refrigeration - Yes that's right a chiller-less cooling system. If you do need to have the resilience of chillers, then that’s fine too but the basic chiller system will suffice as they are only there as a back-up cooling solution.

new build data center

Award Winning Leak Prevention Cooling System!

Efficient Cooling Solutions

leak preventions system

The system operates on a sensible cooling basis and therefore requires no de-humidification or re-humidification, it requires no raised floor, the pipe work can can be run above or below the racks. It can operate on chilled water, cooling towers water, adiabatic cooler water, river water, sea water or even borehole water.

The system can cater for up to 110kW/rack but as low as 5kW/rack, you needn't have a door on each rack as the system can operate with one door every three cabinets on lower densities.

The Leak Prevention System also gives peace of mind that no leaks will damage or stop your Data Center and therefore removes any risk that your business might perceive from placing chilled water next to your IT equipment! Its can be applied to a live system with little or no impact to running operation and is completely safe - guaranteed!.

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