Hot Spot Removal

Data Center Hot Spot Removal

Existing Data Center facilities whether they are enterprise, colocation or cloud based that are of an older generation or only designed for low density operation will all have experienced Hot Spots that the IT engineers or facilities management just cannot solve by getting more and more air to a particular rack or racks, without starving another area or unbalancing the delicate air-flow regulation that has taken hours to settle.

This might be exaggerated by unmanaged cable laying beneath the raised floor, or introduction of other facilities such as chilled water or duct work designed to solve the very issue that it has only exacerbated.

What is the solution to Data Center Hot Spot removal? - rip out the existing perimeter cooling, try dragging air in front outside the room by introducing more duct work, more perimeter cooling with larger fans which only increase air velocity, noise and is only really a sticking plaster?

Place Coolers On The Rear Of The Cabinet With The Most Serious Issues!

The Solution

data center hot spot removal

Why place water on the back of my cabinets, that’s madness, I don’t have enough chilled water flow to spare the water cooled rear doors!

This Data Center Hot Spot Removal solution solves both the introduction of an Leak Prevention System (LPS) with Rear Door Cooling, placed on the worst offending cabinets will allow you to use the chilled water that has already gone through the perimeter CRAC units. At this point I understand the confusion of using the warmer return water to help cool the facility but it's fact. The LPS and Rear Doors can use the warmer water, from the CRAC, therefore not stealing any additional flow from the chiller system but helping cool the room.

The Rear Door and LPS system work on a sensible cooling basis only and therefore will not suffer from condensation. It will cool the worst offenders, help air flow and solve your hot spot issues.

The Leak Prevention System also gives peace of mind that no leaks will damage or stop your Data Center and therefore remove any risk that your business might perceive from placing chilled water next to your IT equipment. It can be applied to a live system with little or no impact to running operation and is completely safe.

We can now also offer a Rear Door with a DX solution if chilled water isn’t available!

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