Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU)

Temperation Unit

If your Data Center facility requires chilled water at 6/7°C, or if you have a plant or office wide chilled water system but want to reduce the amount of water, or temper the water, then a QCooling Temperation Unit is ideal.

For Data Center Hot Spot Removal, or if you’re working with increased density in various racks, a Temperation unit combined with a Rear Door is the obvious choice.

Specifically designed with existing Data Center facilities in mind, our Temperation units are quickly and easily installed – either in the bottom 8U of a cabinet or under any 300mm raised floor.

This allows Rear Door coolers to be installed with minimal disruption to the live facility.

How The Temperation Unit Works

temperation unit

The Data Center Cooling Distribution Units (CDU) work by either separating completely, or just by creating a secondary cooling loop temperature that keeps the water above due point, to stop any condensation issues. It also ensures the correct flow through the doors or other piece of equipment to be cooled and ensures that your hot spots are removed or your high density racks are catered for.

Each unit is fitted with either a singe of dual pump arrangement, allowing for N+1 configuration. A small electronic controller monitors the flow of water from your main chilled water plant, with absolutely no effect on your chilled water system.

Due to the incredible efficiency of the Rear Doors, Temperation units can be fitted to the return water line, thereby taking no flow from your current system but ensuring return water temperatures are high so that the best possible efficiency is achieved from your chilled water plant.

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