Aisle Air Containment Systems

QCooling offer market-leading Data Center Aisle Air Containment systems with technical innovation and cutting-edge design at their heart.

Whether hot, cold, vertical, horizontal, convex or in-row, our aisle systems maximise energy efficiency, resulting in an extremely effective Data Center Cooling solution.

Why Containment?

In essence, aisle air containment works on the simple premise of preventing the hot air and cold air from mixing and eliminating the creation of hot spots. This raises the efficiency of the data centers’ cooling system overall. If your aisle is contained, you minimise the load on your CRAC units and reduce operational costs. With data centers being notoriously high consumers of energy, efficiency and cost savings are always at the fore.

Aisle containment cooling systems from QCooling maintain the optimum operating temperature between aisles. As well as being thermodynamically advanced, our aisle air containment systems are particularly cost effective and energy efficient.

System design is modular and extremely versatile as, at the end of the day, we recognise that no two data centers are the same. Our system can be tailored to your exact requirements. It can be fitted around different height cabinets with no adverse effect on thermal performance, and even obstructions such as lintels, pipework and pillars.

All options can be retro fitted onto existing cabinets within a current data center without downtime or other operational disruption. The systems are quick and easy to install, low maintenance and completely moveable should your current requirements change.

aisle air containment

Hot Or Cold?

Whether you choose a hot or cold containment design depends primarily on your energy efficiency goals and your existing Data Center scenario.

The cold input and hot exhaust air flows of the hot aisle cold aisle principle are separated so that the cooling is more controlled and even within the contained aisle design.

Benefits include reduced power costs, the ability to increase cabinet load without any risk to your equipment, much improved equipment life, a quick ROI, prevention of hot spots, plus cooling for existing high density cabinets is also improved.

Unique Convex Aisle System

QCooling can offer a unique, design registered, convex aisle system which gives the most thermodynamic solution. By utilising a convex roof rather than a traditional flat design, airflow capability is sufficiently enhanced.

The roof consists of clear, twin wall convex roof panels made from polycarbonate. The panels are also moveable so that overhead services can be easily accessed from within the enclosed aisle.

aisle air diagram

In Row Aisle System

Traditionally, cooling for data centers is based on the premise of the room being flooded with cold air, which can be sufficient at low power densities. But, in row cooling enables increased capacity and power efficiencies to be achieved as the cooling is focused at the actual load perimeter of the containment aisle, as opposed to being reliant on the air conditioner within the room. This set up is ideal for high density data centers, with no negative effect on baseline cooling and humidity control of CRAC units within the room.

Fitting your data center with an aisle air containment system can reduce cooling costs by as much as 30%. So, it is perfectly possible to realize a complete return on investment in less than one year.

So, whether you’re looking for hot, cold, vertical, horizontal, convex or in-row, give the QCooling sales team a call today for technical advice and help with product selection on 1-866-307-7333.