Controlled Air Path - CAP Systems

QCooling’s controlled air path – or CAP – system is designed to improve the efficiency of a CRAC unit based Data Center facility.

The CAP technology effectively removes hot air from Data Center cabinets by isolating it, and then guiding it in a controlled manner, out of the top of each unit. The air is ducted through funnels, which sit on the top of each cabinet and it’s then taken up through a ceiling plenum.

Save Money, Improve Performance & Downtime

QCooling’s CAP concept is simple, logical and extremely cost effective when you’re looking to maximise cooling within your Data Center environment.

A controlled air path will make your CRAC Unit based system more efficient, helping you to battle hot spots and any re-circulation issues, which will improve overall system performance, save money and minimise any downtime.

controlled air path cap

Passive & Active

The CAP system is available in two formats – passive and active. The standard CAP set up is passive, and uses the room’s air conditioning to take air away from the cabinet and into the plenum in the ceiling.

It’s also completely viable to upgrade from passive to active units, giving you the option of adding higher heat loads longer term safe in the knowledge that you won’t compromise the overall data facility design.

Simple Upgrade

Upgrading to an active CAP system just involves adding self-contained fan cassettes into the front of the passive unit. The number of fans required, up to 3, and their configuration depends on your duty and airflow requirements.

Each fan cassette has a purpose designed controller and helps transfer the hot exhaust air up into the ceiling plenum. Benefits can be further maximised by adding a sealing kit and blanking panels which are quick to fit give you a heavy duty cabinet with a front-to-top efficient airflow management system.

controlled air path

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