QCooling’s CLC-DXW model is a direct expansion air condenser CRAC unit that focuses on air conditioning, they are exclusively used for small heat loads due to them not having an internal chilled water plant.

Minimise Real Estate

The CLC-DXW CRAC unit is ideal for when space is at a premium as it’s been designed to take up the smallest footprint possible, enabling Data Centers to retain their valuable real estate space.

Design Benefits

The CLC-DXW unit is easily accessible, through the front panel, so that maintenance and servicing is simple and straightforward. The air cooling coils and the sizing of the EC fans has been selected and designed to minimise noise levels.

Construction & Features

QCooling’s CLC-DXW range has a galvanised steel frame, with epoxy coated vertical rods and external panels. Other features include:

  • Finned Pack Cooling Coil – constructed in copper-aluminium and designed with a large front surface to minimise air transit speed. Copper tubes are expanded within aluminium fins to maximise the unit’s heat exchanging capability
  • Filters – class G4 as standard but higher efficiency options available
  • Control System - The CLC-DXW also include a microprocessor, electrical panel, user interface and control / protection devices to ensure that the user has full control over their unit and the ability to make it completely customisable and programmable so that it fits your exact requirements

Q crac unit without cond




For more information on the CLC-DXW or QCooling’s range of professional CRAC units and Data Center cooling products, please call the team on 1-866-307-7333 today!