ARM Holdings - Austin Texas, USA

New Build High Density Data Center

The Client

ARM Holdings, a FTSE 100 listed company, are recognised as the world’s leading semiconductor IP supplier.

ARM is responsible for the smart, energy efficient chips that are at the heart of iPhones and almost all other smartphones and similar types of electronic applications.

ARM’s headquarters are in the UK and their global presences includes Data Center facilities within the US, Taiwan, France, Sweden and India.

More information about ARM Holdings can be found on there website.


The Brief

"Due to the outstanding success of their UK new-build Data Center, QCooling were commissioned to replicate the cooling system for ARM’s Texas facility."

"The project needed to deliver innovative and energy-saving technology, but within the challenging environment of a climate with severe water shortages."

The Cooling Solution

The design consisted of 120 water cooled Rear Doors, within 2 pods and an N+N 1MW Leak Prevention System (LPS) to give guaranteed continuous, leak-free operation of the Data Center.

As the area’s water shortage immediately ruled out using adiabatic coolers or cooling towers, the system utilised chillers and free coolers.

The water temperature of the chillers was raised to over 64°F whilst maintaining a room temperature of 75°F.


Award-Winning Design

The ARM facility is the world’s first Data Center to achieve CEEDA accreditation as “Design and Build, Construct and Operate” from the very concept right through to its reality.

The ARM Texas facility was awarded “Green Data Center” and “Innovation in a Medium Data Center” accreditation in the Datacenter Dynamics’ Data Center Awards (North American).

Client Comments

“The facility is an exceptional example of an energy efficient Data Center with every aspect meeting and in some cases surpassing the requirements of the EU code of conduct for Data Centers. We believe that the design of the ARM NAHPC Data Center fully embraces and surpasses the sustainability credentials required for commercial buildings within the city of Austin.”

CEEDA Recognition