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We aim to improve your Data Center cooling infrastructure either with a retro-fit or new build installation. QCooling's Coldlogik multi-award winning Data Center cooling systems offers great versatility, increased safety with a leak-free guarantee with our patented Leak Prevention System (LPS), real estate reduction, cap-ex reduction plus an incredible reduction in power consumption when compared to a traditional air cooling system.

Our unique ability to work within ASHRAE guidance but with elevated water temperatures, such as cooling towers, adiabatic coolers or natural cooling sources such as river/sea water, bore hole water or even a traditional chiller with a free cooler - with the chiller only topping in the heights of summer temperatures when extracting anywhere between 5 and 110kW/rack, is not only industry leading but ground-breaking....Read More About QCooling


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Rack And Data Center Cooling Systems

Rack and Data Center Cooling - Whether it be a single-rack that needs cooling or a Hot Spot that needs removing, the Coldlogik system can cater for all types of demand, refrigerant, water-based smaller requirements or large central cooling systems for complete Data Centers. Whether you have a New Build or existing Data Center and are looking for a Retro-Fit, QCooling can achieve the simplest, most efficient and robust Data Center and Rack cooling products on the market. Our customers can testify to the quality of our cooling products...

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Rack & Data Center Cooling

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Leak Prevention System - Guaranteed Leak-Free Water Based Cooling

LPS the worlds only patented, guaranteed leak-free water-based cooling system. With little or no impact on energy but giving the peace of mind that the installation of water-based cooling systems can be safely used within IT infrastructure... guaranteed! Insurance premiums can be reduced by the implementation of the LPS as it add an additional source of redundancy, in affect making an N+1 .. N+1+1 or Tire 3 Plus./...

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Leak Prevention System (LPS)

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Water And DX Rear Doors / In-Rows / CRAC

Rear Door, In-Row, CRAC - Our range of water and refrigerant based Rear Door coolers, In-Rows and CRAC units make the finest addition to any cooling system with their sleek, no-nonsense design giving maximum performance, reduced real estate requirements and up to 110kW/cab design. Our industrial cooling systems are designed to work seamlessly with our Leak Prevention System (LPS) and elevated water temperatures - guaranteeing the most efficient system or lowest PUE system available on the market today!...

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Rear Doors / In-Row / CRAC Units

Worldwide Data Center Installations

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nautilus data center

QCooling has secured a multi-million dollar major-league California contract with Nautilus Data Technologies - a revolutionary global data center technology company operating just a stone’s throw from Silicon Valley. The contract, expected to be worth more than $30 million in total, will see QCooling's Leak Prevention (LPS)...Read More About Nautilus

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Contact QCooling today to discuss your Rack or Data Center cooling requirements. QCooling have a wealth of knowledge, built from supplying and implementing systems across the world to the highest levels of engineering requirements and boldest efficiency desires.

Whether it be a single Rack, or a single Rack in thousands but with a Hot Spot issues or even a Retro-Fit requirement to extend the life of your existing facility but struggling with today's higher power computing requirements, QCooling can deliver the most effective system your company could desire.

QCooling is:
Quality that speaks for itself
Quantitative energy savings
Quantifiable ROI
Quiet in its operation
Quintessentially British innovation
Quite simply brilliant!

QCooling has the only Computer/Server water cooling system to have an active Leak Prevention System (LPS) that allows your system to continue operating safely even if a leak occurs. The Class A energy efficiencies are second to none leaving he competition behind.

Call, or Email QCooling using the contact form today! - to find out how we can help reduce your energy bills, save money and improve efficiency whilst implementing the safest most simply brilliant system in the world!

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