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Data Center Cooling takes on many different forms both internally and externally to the white space. The traditional chiller working condition at 53/45F with room temperatures of 66F have long since gone, however many organisations are still reluctant to follow ASHRAE in their new guidance of working temperatures.

Here at QCooling we believe we have a solution to fit all the different possible scenarios but in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective way whilst keeping resilience at its heart.

hot spot removal

Hot Spot Removal

Existing facilities whether they are enterprise, colocation or cloud based that are of an older generation or only designed for low density operation will all have experienced hot spots that the IT engineers or facilities management just cannot solve...

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Hot Spot Removal

new build

New Build

If you are building a new Data Center and want the most efficient Rear Door cooling systems on the market - Then look no further than a Rear Door cooler and Leak Prevention System (LPS) operating within ASHRAE, requiring no mechanical cooling from refrigeration...

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New Build Data Centers

retro fit


Most Data Centers built more than a few years ago, or some that are being built even today were based on very low or low density, however, does this mean your that enterprise, colocation or cloud based Data Center cannot cater for higher densities with retro-fit cooling...

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Retro-Fit Data Centers

The Obvious Choice

Whether it be a new build solution or retrofit to an existing facility or even just hot spot removal, QCooling can provide your organisation with what it needs rather than what others would like to sell you. QCooling's ability to advise on all the different facets of the cooling solution and the mechanical requirements of that package makes QCooling the obvious choice.

QCooling's drive to provide refrigeration-less Data Center cooling where possible, or the greenest solution for those locations where this just isn't possible, or even where local meteorological requirements stipulate water conservation, QCooling can ensure that your Data Center runs and is kept running with the lowest possible energy cost.

QCooling strive to use renewable energy sources from river or sea water to bore hole technology, with the aim to reduce energy costs and help protect the environment.

data center cooling

Leak Prevention System (LPS)

QCooling's ability to provide from 1kW/rack upto 80kW/rack even with cooling water temperatures as high as 75F and still keep with ASHRAE approved levels makes QCooling the only company in the world with this level of technology.

QCooling's patented Leak Prevention System (LPS) is the world’s only active leak proof system that allows the system to continue to run even in a faulty condition.

The system allows the air drawn into the system to be removed under positive pressure externally to the white space whilst allowing cooling to be uninterrupted at all times.

The LPS system has won numerous prestigious awards over the years for its innovation.

QCooling's portfolio of products of CRAC, CRAH, In-Row, Rear Door coolers, Chillers, Adiabatic chillers, Free coolers, Adiabatic coolers, Hybrid coolers and Cooling Towers ensure you get the right product for your requirements.

leak prevention system

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