About QCooling

QCooling is an American company with quintessentially British technology at its heart. QCooling have a wealth of knowledge from installations around the globe and implemented in some of the most severe environments that a Data Center can be built. QCooling bring a unique and patented advantage to our customers and partners with our Leak Prevention System (LPS) being at the centre of all that we do. Not only does it give security and redundancy it can work with a leak in your system until the particular part of the system that has failed can be shut down in a planned non urgent or reactive environment. It’s a world first and a worlds only active leak proof system and seamless installed in either new or live data centres.

QCooling's engineers understand your companies desire to reduce running costs, improve uptime and your drive to make a difference to the ecology of our planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Allow QCooling to help you to make that change today!

The system is an award-winner time and time again with the Rear Door coolers sitting at the heart of projects all over the world. One of the latest awards was for a chiller-less data center where it won the European Award for New Data Center Facility at the 5th Annual Datacenters Europe award.

QCooling's system was part of the installation at ARM in Austin Texas, winning twice in partnership with 2BM and Digital Realty that scooped two DataCenter Dynamics North America 2014 Awards:

  • The Green Data Center, DCD 2014
  • Innovation in the Medium Data Center, DCD 2014

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The facility in question was also accredited by CEEDA and awarded a Gold Award for surpassing standards in energy efficiency. The ColdLogik system has been sold world-wide for over 10 years now but we never stand still with super computing rising to 110kW/rack, QCooling can meet and rise above any challenges given to us whilst providing a service and knowledge-base that is superior from end-to-end.

Complete Design

QCooling, is located in Plano, TX with technical and sales staff available to discuss your new Data Center or Retrofit cooling projects. QCooling offer a complete professional design and installation service or supply-only with design input from our engineers, whatever you prefer or your own skill sets can provide. Because QCooling have operated world-wide, if your Data Centers are in other locations of the world, we can cater for all your requirements.

QCooling can also offer DC consulting services such as Energy Efficiency Analysis, running costs and ROI's making your choice in our products and service an easy one.

Federal Government Registration

Qcooling, LP is registered with the U.S. government as an approved vendor through SAM, Cage Code 65VD6.

Call toll free 1-866-307-7333 for more information or email sales@qcooling.com